Monday, 5 August 2013

Good Luck

Sunday 4a.m(ish) Fort Lane

Moments after rolling 'outta da club' with my home girl I realised in the midst of our imaginary dance battle my precious iPhone that I had placed oh so securely in my bra for safe keeping had some how fallen out.
I returned to the front of the club and asked the bouncer if I could get back in without having to cue again cause I'ld lost my phone. He laughed like this was some kind of joke (clearly he didn't understand the seriousness of the situation) then let me pass, but not before whispering "Good Luck". He sounded like that creepy guy from Taken.
Sadly unlike Liam Neeson's my quest to save my baby was unsuccessful.

So now I'm phone less and as punishment I'm forcing myself to endure life without one just to see if I feel liberated by not being so dependent on a mechanical device. So far I haven't died..
Day 1 and the biggest challenges I've faced have been:
1. Meeting up with people (all my friends run on CPT myself included)
2. Telling the time (My watch doesn't match all my outfits..)
3. Not being able to instagram (I'm like a fiend going through withdraws I even had to borrow my friends phone today to upload my #photooftheday bahaha)

Stay tuned for more FIRST WORLD PROBLEMS.

Note to self: Stop getting so turnt up.

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